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We are a group of people who come from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canadian born Chinese volunteers, bringing traditional Chinese hardworking mindset mixed with Canada’s multicultural values. We admire the kindness and tolerance, respect in everyone’s lives, care in the vulnerable groups, and warming lonely people. We hope using charitable actions diminish cultural differences, eliminate contradiction and biases. We are Chinese Canadians that strive to help others, treat everyone equally and serve our community. Thank you for your understanding. Volunteers are welcome to contact us.


Hidden Heroes 2020

BC Chinese Canadian Charity Group Society. This organization brings thousands of volunteers together from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as Canadian born Chinese to help care for vulnerable groups and provide direct assistance to individuals and families in immediate need. 

This year, at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, This organization gathered volunteers to fundraise and donate personal protective equipment and other supplies. Between March and May, 70,000 face masks, 1,700 protective coveralls, 650 safety goggles, and 1,300 face shields; were distributed to hospitals, prisons, care homes, homeless shelters, and city workers in BC.  An additional 47,000 face masks, 600 protective coveralls, 550 safety goggles, and 1,000 face shields were sent to Quebec’s hospitals and care homes. 

In the words of her nominator, “Caryn Zhang (founder) is a 21st century Chinese Canadian who strives to help others, treat everyone equally and serve her community.”

Hon. Joyce Murray

Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra 

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